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No holiday for recycling!


No holiday for recycling!

At Val de Bonnal, let's protect the environment

Nestled in the heart of the Ognon valley, the Val de Bonnal was created more than 40 years ago in the heart of the Franc-Comtoise countryside. A natural region still preserved from mass tourism. What makes our campers happy is above all the family atmosphere that reigns there, the calm and the nature as far as the eye can see. The campsite is located on an exceptional domain of 150 hectares of water and greenery. During your stay, you can enjoy a natural swim in the waters of the lake, let yourself be lulled by the murmur of the river, and above all fill up on Green Vitamin.

As you can see, the environment is the raw material of our company. This is why we attach particular importance to it. Moreover, ecology is part of the very DNA of camping; it is an ecological holiday mode by nature since we set up our tent and dismantle it, without leaving any trace.

In this respect for the environment, the Val de Bonnal has made available to its customers a selective sorting area at the entrance of the campsite. Whether you are staying in a rental or on a pitch, please sort your waste by category! It is important to use the appropriate bins for your waste so that everyone can enjoy a clean and environmentally friendly holiday. Holidays, yes, but not for recycling!

How do you sort?

Here is a little reminder on how to use the different sorting bins. There are three types of bins at your disposal:

  • The bin for household waste:

This is the traditional bin, to be used for non-recyclable household waste such as organic waste (food scraps), absorbents (tissues, paper towels, nappies...) and other miscellaneous waste. This waste must be collected in black bin bags before being put in the bins.

  • The bin for recyclable waste:

This bin holds, in bulk without a bin bag, all recyclable packaging: plastic bottles and jars, plastic bags and films, trays and cardboard boxes, food cartons, metal and steel containers, as well as paper, newspapers, magazines and leaflets. All this packaging must be emptied without being washed. If you have large boxes to dispose of, we would be grateful if you could drop them off at reception; we will then put them in the appropriate bin in the campsite workshop.

  • The glass bin:

In this bin, you can put glass bottles, jars and jars without a cap or lid. 

Tip: Why not accompany your children to the sorting area? This will avoid mistakes and will be an opportunity to make them aware of their responsibilities and of waste management!

And to go further?

If some people want to go further in this ecological approach, it is possible! Because even on holiday, you can do something for the planet. Here are 5 easy eco-gestures to apply for a zero waste and environmentally friendly holiday:

  • The first eco-friendly habit to adopt this summer is very easy: take your water bottle with you everywhere! This will drastically limit your plastic consumption, while doing your wallet a favour! There are water points all over the campsite, and the water is of course drinkable.
  • Instead of buying countless plastic bags when you go shopping, use a tote bag: it's beautiful and environmentally friendly! If you forget your own, you can buy the campsite tote bag at the grocery shop. And if you are staying in a rental, you will receive a Val de Bonnal tote bag as a welcome kit.
  • Use eco-friendly sun cream. Did you know that 25% of your sun cream is diluted in water? Conventional creams contain many chemicals and harmful products, which pollute the marine fauna and flora and destroy the ecosystem. By opting for natural protection, you can protect the oceans and your health. And even if the campsite is not located near the sea, it will be useful for your next holiday!
  • Opt for non-polluting activities. At Val de Bonnal you can cycle along a 28km long greenway, canoe on the river or stand-up paddle on the lake. This will allow you to slow down the pace and discover places that you would not have been able to see by car, without emitting a hint of CO2!
  • Think about reducing the use of air conditioning in your car. It consumes a lot of energy, and a too great of difference in temperature between inside and outside is bad for your health. If you really feel the need to turn on the air conditioning, start it slowly and try to keep the temperature difference between inside and outside at 5°; you will avoid thermal shock and the air will be cool in a few minutes. When you are parked, remember to protect your windscreen with a sunshade.

The Val de Bonnal team thanks you wholeheartedly for your efforts, and of course remains available to answer your questions!
If you have any doubts about waste sorting, do not hesitate to ask for advice at the reception.

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