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« Mont d’Or » recipe


« Mont d’Or » recipe

A recipe to keep your spirits up during containment!

In France as in the rest of the world, thousands of people are currently stuck at home. Let’s see the bright side of things: this is the perfect moment to try out new and original recipes. In a moment of sharing and hospitality, today we invite you to discover a typical Franche-Comté recipe: the hot box. Easy, fast and above all delicious, it will warm up bodies and hearts during this difficult period.

What does this famous hot box contain?

One of Franche-Comté’s most famous cheese: the Mont-d’or is cooked in its box in the oven. This cow’s milk cheese takes its name from the highest mountain of the Doubs region, which culminates at 1461m. It owes its delicate woody taste to the spruce strap that surrounds it.

How to prepare the hot box?

For 4 people, take a 500g Mont-d’or cheese. Preheat the oven to 220°C, place the lid of the Mont-d’or cheese under the box, dig into the middle of the cheese with the help of a spoon and pour 5cl of white wine before cooking it for 25 minutes. Tip: you can also add a garlic clove into the hole for a maximum of taste. The hot box is usually served with the following side: boiled potatoes which you can crisp by putting them in the oven for a couple of minutes. You can also add some ham from the Hauts-Doubs (or any other kind of meats/cold cuts). Once the Mont-d’or is nicely cooked, just pour it on the potatoes and the ham and simply enjoy! A nice and fresh salad is always a good idea to accompany the meal.

What wines to serve with the Mont-d’Or?

Mont-d’Or goes very well with white wine: a white wine from the Jura region or a Chardonnay from Burgundy, with subtle aromas of honey… If you are more of a red wine type of person make sure to choose a wine with character, sufficiently acidic to combat the fat of the cheese: a Pinot Noir from Alsace, for example. Warning, alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To consume with moderation!

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