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The benefits of nature


The benefits of nature

Do you take vitamin G? 

You don’t ? Well that's a pity, because it's good for physical and mental health, for the planet and for future generations. And even better, you can get it for free every day. That’s right, vitamin G is the vitamin of life!

Vitamin G, or "Green Vitamin",

is the name found by scientists to designate the benefits of contact with nature. It refers to the essential role played by the plants, trees and flowers that surround us. Indeed, if plants are used to heal the human body, their impact is much greater than we imagine: their mere presence can help us get better. A patch of blue sky, a piece of greenery, and you breathe. 

Here's why we should all take some every morning: 

According to several studies, spending time in nature is good for your blood pressure and heart rate. It would also help fight against depression, reduce stress and headaches, and improve concentration. 

So, let's go green? 

The galloping urbanization and our hectic lives makes us forget that, close to us, simple activities linked to nature is beneficial for us. For example, gardening or horticulture, walks in the forest, in the mountains, on the banks of a river... If you don't have nature near you, there is one last possibility: bring nature into the office and into your home. The presence of green plants in the office would reduce the number and duration of sick leave! And for holidays, of course, choose nature destinations and traditional accommodation such as camping, which will quickly make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city! 

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