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Getting back into shape after the holiday season


Getting back into shape after the holiday season

The end of year celebrations are already far away in our minds. But our bodies do not recover easily! First there was Christmas, the family, the tree, the gifts, the children, and all the agitation that results from it... but also New Year's Eve, foie gras, salmon, oysters, the Yule log, chocolates, champagne, wine... And just to finish us off, the season of the galette des rois is now open! So to compensate for the excesses and to attack 2022 with energy, there is nothing like a little detox. Here we reveal 5 very simple and accessible tips to help you get back on track after the holidays.

Sleep well: the basis of a good recovery!

Heavy meals, short nights... Fatigue, one of the ills of modern society, is accentuated during the festive season. There's no secret about it, sleep is the best remedy for recovery; at night, the body restores itself, defends itself against infections, produces hormones, the skin regenerates, etc. So the first good resolution to make: take advantage of winter to go to bed early! Ideally before 11pm. The hours of sleep before midnight are the most restorative. In the evening, eat a light meal to aid digestion, and avoid alcohol and caffeine after 5pm. Turn off the screens about 20 to 30 minutes before bedtime, relax in bed with a good book, and opt for a chamomile tea. Its soothing effect will help you relax and sleep better. As for sleeping in, it is not your friend: it risks breaking your biological rhythm and making you even more tired.

Your body is 60% water... Hydrate after the holidays!

This will help your body to circulate the food you have eaten. Water also helps to eliminate waste and facilitate transit. However, you should drink your glass of water at least 20 minutes after your meal to avoid diluting any digestive enzymes. In the morning, drinking lemon juice with warm water is also very effective. It will help to burn fat deposits and prevent stomach problems. It will also speed up the speed of digestion. Finally, you can help your body stay hydrated by eating water-rich winter foods. Soups, broths, fresh fruit and vegetables (avocado, beetroot, carrots, mushrooms, endive, fennel, parsnip, sweet potato): the must for a good recovery after the festive season!

Exercise or take a walk in the fresh air

Exercise is a good way to activate digestion and lower blood sugar levels. Don't worry, you don't have to run a marathon either; just do 30 minutes of intensive walking a day, or even an hour for the more daring. This is a guaranteed "non-violent" sport, but it is very effective in reconnecting with your body.

Fiber at breakfast promotes healthy bowel movements

Foods rich in fiber will make it easier for your body to eliminate the excesses of New Year's Eve. Fiber helps to regulate your bowel movements and protects you from constipation. Choose wheat bran, oatmeal and all foods made from wholemeal flour. Also eat fiber-rich whole fruits such as citrus fruits.

Take care of yourself!

In winter you hide your body under cosy jumpers, but that's no reason to neglect it! Take detoxifying baths with grapefruit, rosemary, lemon or cypress essential oils. And why not treat yourself to a relaxing massage? Not only will it make you feel good, but it will also get rid of your Christmas excesses. After the holidays, your complexion also needs attention. On the program: a "home-made" cleansing by placing your face over a pan of boiling water before eliminating small impurities and blackheads; a scrub to smooth the skin texture, and passing an ice cube over your face to turn your cheeks pink and tighten your pores; lighten your make-up for a few days, just for the pleasure of feeling the cold on your bare skin; finally, don't hesitate to apply two different masks: a purifying mask on the T-zone, which particularly suffers from the excesses of the holidays by producing more sebum, and a hydrating mask to plump up the cheeks.

And you, what's your post-party recovery routine?

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