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10 must-have camping accessories


10 must-have camping accessories

Camping is all about the pleasure of finding simple things and going on an adventure without necessarily going far from home. But it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you haven't prepared your camping gear properly. So, of course, you'll take your camping tent with you, a comfortable mattress, the necessary cooking and washing equipment... But to make your trip as pleasant as possible, here are some essential accessories to take with you in your luggage:

1) Light!

If you're a regular, you know that light in all its forms is a camping essential. You can opt for a classic torch, a headlamp to go about your business while keeping your hands free, or even a solar lamp to hang up to read in the tent at night!

2) The foldable bottle

For those who enjoy long walks and hikes, foldable bottles are particularly practical. Foldable and resistant, they are designed to optimise space and adapt the volume of your backpack to your needs. Some top-of-the-range models even include a water filter. So you can fill your bottle directly in nature and get drinking water.

3) The Swiss Army knife

While some people are lounging by the pool, the more adventurous will be going on an expedition into the wild. A Swiss Army knife is a practical asset to carry with you everywhere. Whether it's for serving drinks or fixing things, it will come in handy!

4) The solar charger

These days, it's hard to let go of technological tools such as smartphones, tablets or cameras. Although all our campsites are connected to electricity, solar chargers can save the day!

5) The camping hammock

Easy to install, light and compact, the camping hammock is a perfect accessory for nature lovers. At Val de Bonnal, you should easily find two trees on your pitch to make the most of it. And if not, you can opt for the inflatable hammock, which you can effortlessly shake to fill with air! 

6) A lock 

This is a must! Don't forget to pack a good padlock to "lock the house" when you're out and about.

7) A mosquito repellent 

On holiday, repeated mosquito attacks can quickly spoil your nights and even your days. Pack a mosquito repellent, a specially designed lamp, a citronella candle or simply a mosquito net. 

8) A light towel

Don't burden yourself with thick towels that take hours to dry. There's nothing like a microfiber towel from Decathlon; or if you prefer to bring back a little souvenir from the Val de Bonnal, treat yourself to a honeycomb fouta from the grocery shop! The colours are great and they are eco-responsible :-)

9) Earplugs and night mask  

Even if silence is the rule between 10pm and 7am in the Val de Bonnal, you may be disturbed by the hooting of an owl or the moonlight. For a peaceful sleep, don't forget your mask and earplugs!  

10) A European plug 

All our pitches with electricity have been upgraded to accommodate the European P17 plug. You can easily get it in a supermarket or in a DIY shop. Don't forget it!

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