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5 good reasons to visit Franche-Comté this summer


5 good reasons to visit Franche-Comté this summer

Among the 22 (former) regions of France, you will find everything. From the most popular destinations, from the Atlantic coast to the Mediterranean, from Brittany to the Alps... But the whole of France abounds in natural, architectural and gastronomic beauties, often unknown to the general public. Our beautiful Franche-Comté region is one of them.

1. Lakes and waterfalls

We don't have the sea or the ocean in Franche-Comté, no. But we have something better!
The region has magnificent lakes, especially in the Jura department (39). The lakes of Narlay, Ilay, Petit and Grand Maclu are popular destinations during the summer. You can swim there and camp at one of the many campsites in the area, but it is advisable to book in advance if you wish to stay overnight. The lakes of Chalain, Vouglans and Saint-Point are also worth a visit. Not forgetting the beautiful ponds in the Haute-Saône department.
As for the waterfalls, you're in heaven, even if they are much more impressive in winter, of course. We can mention the very famous Saut du Doubs or the Hérisson waterfalls, the large waterfall at the Consolations-Maisonnettes site, the Source de la Loue or the very pretty Tufs waterfall.

2. Hiking and nature sports

For lovers of walking, there are thousands of hiking trails, with or without difference in altitude. Experienced hikers can undertake the Grande Traversée du Jura, which will take you along the Jura crescent on the mythical GR®5 and GR®9 paths.
Cyclists are not to be outdone either, especially in the Haut-Doubs.
You can also go canyoning in magical places, canoeing on the Loue or Ognon rivers, rafting, windsurfing, climbing, speleology... and many others.

3. Gastronomy  

After the effort, comfort! The region has no shortage of drinks and delicacies to satisfy the demanding stomachs of the Franc-Comtois.
The list is not exhaustive but we can mention famous cheeses such as Comté, Morbier, Cancoillotte, Bleu de Gex and Mont d'Or. On the smoked meat side, we are also spoiled with the Morteau sausage and its little sister, the Montbéliard sausage. We also treat our taste buds with chicken in Jura yellow wine or by tasting a good morel crust. As far as sweetness is concerned, you will be able to taste the household cake and the galette comtoise, which is a hit during the Epiphany.
In terms of drinks, Le Pontarlier has long overshadowed the famous Pastis. Jura wines are also very much appreciated by discerning palates, especially Macvin and vin jaune. Do you prefer bubbles? No problem, the crémant du Jura will satisfy you. On the non-alcoholic side, you will find the famous "Jura Cola", lemonade for all tastes (such as "La Mortuatienne") and organic or non-organic fruit juices, to name but a few.

4. Architectural heritage 

In addition to swimming, eating and exercising, you will have the opportunity to walk through real architectural jewels. Many places are worth a stop. We can of course mention the Comtoise capital Besançon and its Vauban citadel, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. In the same style, you can visit the citadel of Belfort (90) and its famous lion watching over the city, created by Auguste Bartholdi. On the Jura side, you will find the beautiful town of Dole and you will enjoy strolling among the beautiful wine estates around Arbois and Poligny.
The Franche-Comté region also abounds in beautiful small towns and villages. We can mention Pesmes in Haute-Saône, one of the most beautiful villages in France, but also Ornans in the Doubs, birthplace of Gustave Courbet, famous 19th century painter.
If you decide to spend your stay in Franche-Comté, you will also appreciate Arc-Et-Senans and its Royal Saltworks, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1982. Don't hesitate to visit the Château de Joux in the Haut-Doubs. The region can also boast of its many castles, even if it doesn't shout it from the rooftops!

5. A preserved region 

"Franche-Comté, where is it? » Yes, as beautiful as it is, the region is still little known. Even most French people find it difficult to locate it precisely on a map. This is a great advantage for those who want to spend their holidays in peace and quiet, far from the anthills of the South of France, especially in the current context of covid-19, where everyone is trying to keep their distance and get closer to nature. So it's decided, this summer, we're going to conquer Franche-Comté! 

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