To the north lie the Ballons des Vosges. To the west is the great and peaceful Saône. To the east are the Jura mountains, with Switzerland behind them. The scenery is a varied mix of plains, plateaus and mountains.

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Our region : Franche-Comté

At the north of our region, are the Vosges, at the west, the long and peaceful Sâone river, and at the east, the Jura mountain chain with Switzerland behind. Between all of these, you can discover a wide range of superb landscapes.

Discover a region rich in history :

  • Besançon, city of art and history and its well-known citadel, constructed by Vauban and listed in the Unesco's worldwide patrimony.
  • Many caves to explore where you will marvel at the amazing rock formations: the Gouffre de Poudrey, the Grotte de la Glacière and the Grotte d’Osselle.
  • Famous historical and architectural sites: the Saline Royale d'Arc-et-Senans and the chapel of Ronchamps from Le Corbusier.
  • Visit of the Peugeot museum, the Nancray museum, the Dino Zoo and the Saut du Doubs, listed as important national sites.

Gastronomic delights :

  • If you love cheese in general you'll be spoilt for choice.The cheese is a speciality of the region: the Comté as the name of the region and the famous cancoillote that you will have to try !
  • Without forgetting the Morteau sausage, the Luxeuil ham , the Fougerolles Kirsch and the Pontarlier wormwood.</>


Besançon, a town of art and history, and its famous fortified citadel by Vauban, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Poudrey Chasm

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Royal Saltworks

The Royal Saltworks at Arc-et-Senans is an architectural and museum site listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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Golf at the Castle

An exceptional 18-hole course based in the park of 19th-century Bournel Castle.

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Oselle Cave

Oselle Cave, a 13th-century discovery, is one of the world's most amazing caves with its historic and prehistoric treasures...

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Ronchamp Chapel

Built by Le Corbusier between 1950 and 1955, this is a listed historic monument and 20th-century heritage building.

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The Courbet Museum

This is a whole new museum dedicated to the master of realism, Gustave Courbet, in Ornans.

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Pays de Rougemont

Rougement Tourist Office

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Pays de Villersexel

Villersexel Tourist Office

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Pays des 7 rivieres

Pays des 7 rivières tourist office in Rioz

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